Guided tours along the Amalfi Coast, through spectacular landscapes and extraordinary views, clear water and wild coastline



about 2 hours (stop included)     about 3,5 km/2 nmi

Starting from Recommone beach we will reach Crapolla, a picturesque and charming cove nestled in a fjord, and fishermen’s ancient landing. Along the way we will enjoy the wild coast and its natural wonders, including Grotta Argentata (Silver Cave), well-known for its blue waters, and Grotta de’ Palummi (Pigeons’ Cave). Suitable for everyone



about 4 hours (stops included)    about 9 km/5 nmi

Heading to Capri we will reach the heart of the Marine Protected Area “Punta Campanella”, the amazing Ieranto bay. This spectacular place is one of the most protected marine reserve’s sites. We’ll explore Marina del Cantone, visit Ieranto’s two beaches and the caves up to Punta Campanella. Suitable for everyone



Day trips to Positano and Li Galli are scheduled weekly. Full day excursions need appropriate physical training and previous knowledge of sea kayak navigation.

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The trips are open to everyone: what matters is being able to swim. Kayaks are unsinkable and available in different sizes, suitable for all kinds of kayaker. In addition to the essential equipment (kayak\paddle\lifejacket\dry bags) snorkeling masks are also provided.
Recommended clothing for excursions: a swimsuit, a t-shirt, water shoes or sneakers that can get wet. Hat and sunglasses are recommended too. Strongly recommended are also a bottle of water, a beach towel and sunscreen. Before departure, the guide will introduce you to kayaking with a brief  theoretical-practical lesson. It is advisable to have a light meal before boarding and to bring a snack. During all excursions there will be one or more breaks to rest, have a snack, take pictures and snorkeling.